Thesis tutor Siswa Heikoop

Siswa is an enthusiastic and committed thesis supervisor. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and a master’s degree in both Communication Science and Psychology. After her masters she strengthened her project, design and research skills through a PhD project within a large European project. Within the project, she has collaborated with top Dutch and foreign scientists, with whom she has published various articles in scientific journals. She has also published her master’s thesis and all of the studies of her PhD trajectory. Siswa guides students of commercial / business studies (such as marketing, communication, IBMS, commercial economics, marketing (communication) plan, export plan etc.) as well as social studies (for example psychology, sociology, nursing, social studies / social work and related studies). She is also able to help you to conduct your SPSS analyses or qualitative analyses.

Siswa has experience in coaching bachelor and master students. She focuses on the academic and personal needs of the student and adjusts her guidance accordingly. From her background in educational psychology, she is familiar with various learning techniques that can be applied to write a thesis effectively, even when the student experiences motivation, learning problems or dyslexia, fear of failure, ADHD / ADD, autism or other (mental) problems. In addition, she has a lot of knowledge and experience with all research phases and academic writing.

Siswa supervises students on location near Delft and Rotterdam and online.

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A professional and committed thesis tutor

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