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Consulting and thesis coaching for businesses

Topscriptie offers your employees personal thesis and study coaching as well as supervision. Through our personal supervision we offer specialized help. Our supervisors are experts in their fields with a wealth of experience in practice. This enables them to know and recognize pitfalls associated with both working and studying. Study supervision for working students is a way in which employers can help them to successfully complete their study and their thesis.

Consulting and thesis coaching for businesses

Study coaching has many advantages. It benefits your company to assist those employees who are studying and need guidance. Many employees often pursue a course of study not only for their own development, but also to improve their knowledge and skills necessary to function successfully within the company. Besides their on their job hours, employees who study also need additional time to study and this can cause unnecessary stress. They have to utilize their time effectively so it is important that the final goal becomes visible in order for them to stay motivated. When the employee, with the help of external study coaching by an experienced professional, can realize the final goal faster and with more pleasure, it will cultivate a stimulating and positive atmosphere at work.

If research, in the form of a thesis/ research or study assignment, is provided for your company, study coaching has the added advantage of a more professional report and research results. Thanks to the co-operation between the student and our professional coaches, the research is raised to a higher level by which you gain improved and practical research results. Further co-operation is also done with our Research Office (Onderzoeksloket). This co-operation matches a professional Market Researcher to each student, ensuring that you receive the best results!

Flexible study coaching and thesis tutoring: on location or online

Topscriptie has much experience when it comes to coaching, tutoring and supervising working students. Our supervising is flexible and can therefore fit in well with the wishes of the working student as it is also possible in the evening or at the weekend. Coaching on line takes place via Skype and/or email and saves on traveling time and costs. Coaching on location is possible at our office (Rotterdam area) or at any location of your choice, for example at your company.

Tutoring and coaching during all phases of the study

Topscriptie offers supervision during all phases of the study: from the acquiring of study skills to help and supervision regarding the content, with the main purpose: a superior dissertation or thesis. Coaching is available in both Dutch and English. Not only do we offer help during the complete training but we also supervise students during their Master program, such as MBA students. It is possible to attend workshops regarding different topics and skills necessary for your particular course of study, such as academic writing and research skills. By mutual agreement a customized workshop can be developed, for either a specific training or a Masters degree for your employees.

Consulting and thesis coaching for businesses

Statistical support

Why do so many companies outsource their analytics to Topscriptie? They do so because our knowledge in statistical analysis sets us apart.

Many of our team members are very experienced market researchers and have knowledge in almost all statistical software packages, like R, Stella, Matlab, STATA, Python, SPSS and ArcGis. We are also very experienced in qualitative market research.

By trusting your data analyses to us, you have a very experienced and dedicated team available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the results of your research.

Graduate successfully with the help of one of our coaches!

The greatest advantages of coaching and supervising by Topscriptie are: students will graduate faster, it’s done more efficient and informative and it’s accomplished in a positive learning environment. Supervision during the writing of a thesis is imperative: it is a good investment in both your employees and thus, your company. Have we sparked your interest as to what Topscriptie can do for you or your organization? We would be happy to visit you to demonstrate the possibilities we can offer your company.

We would gladly visit your (international) company for a personal and free consultation.

Topscriptie has already helped more than 6,000 students!

Let us help you with your studies or graduation. Discover what we can do for you.


Winner of the best thesis agency in the Netherlands

Winner of the best thesis agency in the Netherlands

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