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Thesis tutoring hbo and university

Would you like to graduate faster, with a good grade, and turn your thesis (or essay/ professional product/ portfolio) into a real Top Thesis? We would be glad to help you! Topscriptie has already successfully helped a lot of HBO and WO students, whether you are studying Marketing, Psychology, Nursing, Law or Business Studies, we can help you. Read about the reactions and experiences of students who came before you (and please be informed that we have been recognized with an award by an external reviews and recommendations company as the best thesis coaching and tutoring company).   We have got the expertise and the experience to also coach your thesis successfully!      

Thesis writing hbo

In writing a HBO thesis the focus is on solving practical problems. In your thesis you formulate a research question that is relevant in practice. Using a literature review and on the basis of practical experience that you may have gained during your internship you develop your research question in your HBO thesis. Practical problems are the guiding thread in your thesis.   Were you full of courage and optimism when you started with your HBO thesis, but now you feel that you have gotten stuck? Is the deadline rapidly approaching and you are at your wits’ end? We will make sure that you reach the finish line with a HBO thesis! Our professional and personal thesis coach puts your thesis back on track, motivates and inspires you, and will provide you with help whenever you need it.  

Our thesis coaching rates are student-friendly and good value. If you graduate faster you save yourself paying extra in tuition fees and fines. Moreover, with us you will not be paying VAT. Hence, you will not just graduate faster, but cheaper as well!  

Thesis university

Even if, during your studies, you have gotten proficient with the theory and you have gained some experience doing research, writing a thesis at university level is something completely different! It is not surprising, then, that a lot of international students get stuck writing their academic thesis and take a lot longer than necessary writing it. This can be pretty tiresome: you continue paying tuition fees.

With Topscriptie’s thesis coaching you will not need to worry about this. We help you with all your thesis problems and questions, so you can get on working on your thesis project and graduate faster.  

Writing an academic thesis

In writing an academic thesis you will need to show that you can do thorough scientific research. On the basis of a literature review, possibly in addition to having done practical research, you attempt to answer your main research question. You elaborate the theoretical framework, formulate research questions, and make use of the right methodology.   In terms of size an academic thesis is in a different league compared to the papers you may have had to write during your studies.

Given the size of this project it is often difficult to maintain an overview and to structure your research. Moreover, it is important to learn how to write academically. With Topscriptie’s thesis coaching and tutoring you will once again feel in control of your thesis and finish your research sooner. We match you with a thesis coach who is knowledgeable about your subject. This way you will benefit most from our coaching.    

Whether it is writing a HBO or an academic thesis: with our professional thesis coaching you are certain of a real Topthesis!