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Thesis and dissertation examples

We often receive the question from our students whether a good thesis example is available. Of course, this is a logical and clever question, because once you have seen a good thesis example, you already have a good overview of what to expect. It is good to do this at the beginning of the thesis process and thus get a clear insight and idea of what to expect. Educational institutions also regularly provide thesis examples in the manual or during classes.

Of course, every field is different and HBO differs from WO, but by taking a number of relevant theses from your field, you will still get a good insight into this and learn how to approach the thesis. Do you have doubts about whether this is a good thesis example? Then you can always discuss with your supervisor or ask where you can find good thesis examples from your field. Because if you write with a clear structure and know how it will ultimately look, the thesis process will be much easier! You will also often find relevant literature in example theses for your topic, but of course, make sure you do not copy pieces literally (that would be plagiarism, prevent plagiarism with a plagiarism scan).

Many students find it difficult to start their thesis, which is why it is also possible to set up a good structure together with us and discuss what should be included in each part. In this way, you have a clear end goal in mind and can finally start your thesis.

Thesis and dissertation examples

Thesis examples

Topscriptie also regularly assists students who want to complete their thesis with honors. For privacy reasons, we cannot add these theses here, but you can take a look at the websites mentioned below. Always make sure to look for thesis examples and research reports, preferably from your own program or field. It is also good to always look at the evaluation given to the thesis. Most reports are complete and freely accessible.

HBO thesis examples

We also advise you to take a look at the HBO knowledge bank website, where you can find theses from colleges in the Netherlands.

Master theses examples

Several universities have their own database, for example the Erasmus University database or the thesis archive of the UU.

These master’s theses can serve as examples, but make sure to choose a thesis from your field of study so that the format matches as much as possible. This website distinguishes between bachelor’s and master’s theses and has different search functions. Keep in mind that each program has its own rules and guidelines, always read the manual first of your program! A thesis that competes for the thesis prize generally scores high in terms of analytical level, innovation, originality, relevance, and readability.

Furthermore, we have set up pages with examples of specific components: summary and abstract, method, introduction, reliability/ validity, conclusion, and discussion.

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