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Besides extensive academic education, our personal English tutors at Topscriptie also have much enthusiasm and a wide range of subject knowledge. Our personal supervisors can help you with any problem you struggle with while writing your thesis. Their aim is to help full-time, dually enrolled and working students. Topscriptie has been recognized as Excellent with the ”The best 2017 award”, ”The best 2018 award”, ”The best 2019 award” and ”The best 2020 award” as the best thesis coaching and tutoring company of the year.

For specific educational fields we have specialized thesis professionals suited to supervise you. To ensure that you receive the most effective supervision, we will link you to a thesis supervisor that suits you and your thesis subject matter for the best results.

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Denise Groeneveld, business studies, finance

Bastiaan Boh, cognitive psychology, SPSS and R

Renée Bouwman, health, spss, social studies

Nienke van Dongen, law

Willem Flintermann, philosophy, history, politics, cultural studies

Jelle Bonthuis, medical sciences

Tanya Schaap, history, sociology, political science cultural studies

Shanna Wielinga, statistics, methods, and psychometrics

Stephanie Immerzeel, communication, social studies, research

Joya van Hout, Law

Yvette Vermeer, economics, social sciences, marketing

Siswa Heikoop, psychology, SPSS, communication studies

Henk van den Berg, accountancy, behavioral economics and finance

Willem Verhoeven, history, philosophy, qualitative research


Remko van der Sanden, Social studies, management 


Already more than 5.110 students have been successfully tutored

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Already more than 5.110 students have been successfully tutored

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