Stephanie Immerzeel

Stephanie is an involved and enthusiastic supervisor who is happy to help you with your thesis (/ plan of action or advice report). After obtaining the bachelor Media and Entertainment management (University of Applied Sciences), Stephanie completed the bachelor and (research) master Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam cum laude. Within these studies, her focus was on persuasive communication; marketing and health communication. Central to this topic is how people can be informed and influenced through various means of communication and interpersonal contact.

Many methodological and statistical courses were part of the research master. As a result, she has gained a lot of experience in collecting, editing and analyzing data files with the statistical software programs R, STATA, SPSS and she has followed a course about the Python programming language. In addition to her studies, she has been able to apply this knowledge and experience in positions at scientific research institutes where, for example, she participated in a study into the effect of communication, manipulated by nurses, on pain perception. For an international retailer, she has investigated the effect of Location Based Advertising on purchasing behavior.

After her studies Stephanie worked at a Dutch health insurance company Zilveren Kruis and online supermarket Picnic. At Zilveren Kruis she worked as a marketing intelligence analyst. Her work consisted of analyzing different data files within SAS / SQL and she had, among other things, an advisory role in the design of marketing activities and evaluated these with reports that she presented and made available to the team in which she worked. At Picnic she was the manager of a team where she worked a lot with dashboards so that she had sufficient knowledge of how her team performed. With these insights she was able to manage the team well.

Stephanie finds it important that every student receives customized guidance. Every student is different and therefore also every guidance process will be different. Because she is very empathetic and is good at listening and asking questions, the question behind the question from students will soon come to the fore. This ensures that time is used efficiently, so that results can be achieved quickly. Stephanie is also a warm, spontaneous person who can motivate students well and give them confidence that they too can complete their thesis with a good result.

Stephanie provided thesis coaching on location in Amsterdam and online.

A professional and committed thesis tutor

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