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Second Opinion and Mediation

Are you interested in obtaining a second opinion or a substantive review? Or are you seeking mediation due to experiencing a conflict with your educational institution? Many university and college students desire an independent assessment of their action plans, research reports, rejected theses, or other academic documents. Perhaps you’re seeking advice on the procedures or guidance provided by your educational institution? Or you might have doubts about certain pieces and simply want some extra assurance?

Second Opinion Report

Topscriptie (2011) is a leading independent Dutch study and thesis guidance institute. With a team of over 40 professional specialists, including legal experts, we are capable of providing a second opinion report on both the process and the content. We analyze the evaluation elements and provide arguments for their accuracy.

Students often approach Topscriptie requesting a second opinion on their studies or theses. Evaluation is a human endeavor and to some extent subjective. Assessment criteria are not always clear, and assessors often have limited time to conduct evaluations within educational settings. This can sometimes lead to errors. Additionally, procedural errors may have occurred. As a student, you have certain rights, and guidance and evaluation must meet specific requirements outlined in the examination regulations.

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Second Opinion and Mediation

Filing an Objection, appeal or complaint

Your thesis or action plan has been marked as insufficient by the examiners. But… is that truly justified and was everything carried out correctly? Are you considering filing a complaint or not? Request a second opinion directly from Topscriptie! Have your rejected thesis or documents (such as a term paper) reviewed by our experienced and independent thesis advisors. We’ll check whether your research proposal, action plan, or thesis was rightfully rejected. If yes, we’ll help you quickly progress towards a better outcome. If not, you’ll have a professional report from our second opinion to aid you, which you could use, for example, in submitting an appeal to the examination committee or College of the Board. We can assist you in this process, as we collaborate with an education jurist.

Always inquire with your educational institution about how such an objection procedure works (it varies by institution): there’s often an office for legal protection or a complaints office.

Thesis Rejected? Consider a Second Opinion!

Having your thesis rejected… that’s quite shocking! For many students, a rejected thesis feels like a blow to the face. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into the demanding process that writing a thesis inherently entails. Gathering information, conducting research, conducting interviews or surveys, documenting results, organizing logically and structuring into chapters, drawing conclusions, making recommendations… and then your thesis gets rejected outright. However, this isn’t a reason to lose hope. All your efforts haven’t gone to waste. What’s your first step now? Immediately request a second opinion for your thesis!

Alright, your thesis has been labeled as “rejected.” But this doesn’t have to be a long-lasting situation! First, it’s possible that your thesis was rejected unjustly. Have this reviewed immediately by our professionals so you know where you stand. Second, with a bit of assistance, you can swiftly transform your rejected thesis into one that will earn you your diploma. Step out of this uncertain and stressful situation quickly. Have your thesis reviewed by a professional! Request a second opinion from Topscriptie today, so you can have your diploma in hand as soon as possible.

Second Opinion for Your Rejected Thesis

Your thesis has been evaluated as insufficient. Why exactly? Have this reviewed immediately by an objectively experienced professional from Topscriptie! Is there a lack of coherence or a logical structure in your narrative? Perhaps you should have approached your research differently. It’s also possible that you’re dissatisfied with the procedures or guidance you received while writing your thesis. This might be justified, and your thesis could have been unfairly rejected. Have this checked through a second opinion on your thesis! One of our professionals will review your research proposal, action plan, or thesis with an objective perspective based on the evaluation forms, assessing whether the rejection was warranted. We’ll also assess whether you received sufficient and proper guidance throughout the thesis process. After all, you’re entitled to that! Whatever the reason for your rejected thesis, we’ll stand by your side. You don’t have to go through it alone!

If our second opinion reveals that your thesis was rightfully rejected, your Topscriptie advisor will be ready with professional advice to help you achieve a successful outcome. If your thesis was unjustly rejected, we can create a professional report (second opinion). Having such a report can be beneficial when you approach your teacher (or jurist) to file an appeal. Additionally, we can propose solutions, such as completing a replacement assignment, in order to find a resolution. We’ve successfully assisted numerous students in this manner, and schools have accepted our alternatives!

Would you like to request a second opinion? First, we kindly ask you to email us the official evaluation document(s) and the complete thesis, including any annotations and comments from the assessors. Please also include the Examination Committee’s Rules and Guidelines and the Examination Regulations (if available). Based on this information, we can prepare a quote and outline the possibilities. We operate under a privacy policy, ensuring complete confidentiality, and we do not communicate with third parties or educational institutions.

Discuss your thesis with Your Thesis Coach. It’s Refreshing!

Just want to discuss your thesis with someone who’s highly knowledgeable in the field? Or are you about to start writing and seeking advice to prevent potential rejection? Smart move! Call or email us, and we’ll assist you with the setup. If desired, we can guide you throughout the entire thesis process. You decide how much help you need. We demonstrate that professional thesis assistance can be both quick and affordable!

Interested in learning more about our second opinion helpdesk? We’re happy to provide information on the extent to which we can offer you a second opinion or substantive review, without any obligation.

Don’t forget to include all relevant information (your action plan/thesis, evaluation form, and other information) when contacting us.

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Winner of the best thesis agency in the Netherlands

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