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Thesis coach Shanna Wielinga

Thesis coach Shanna Wielinga

After graduating from research master Cognitive Neuropsychology, Shanna Wielinga has worked for years as university junior teacher with a specialism in courses about statistics, methods, and psychometrics. During this period she aquired the University Teaching Qualification (UTC/BKO), which is a certificate that is handed out as proof of having sufficient didactic qualities in the areas of teaching and course development. Over the last few years, Shanna has worked as data scientist in the public sector.

Shanna has lots of experience in supporting students to design, conduct and report about a (scientific) research study. She enthusiastically thinks along the line of the process. Her most powerfull characteristic is that she can help in providing a clear structure in text and procedures, like an umbrella that will hold together the content. She likes to create order from chaos, providing the student a stage to share the story that matters.

With regard to data analysis, Shanna adapts as much as possible to the experience level and character of the student. While co-operating, she aims at finding a balans between performing a solid data analysis ánd making the (results of this) analysis understandable. Also here, much of the gain is reached by the structural approach that data analysis requires. Shanna will help you to stay on the linear track and avoiding noise.

Shanna is experienced in SPSS and R.

Shanna was originally educated in the field of Psychology, with a specialism in Cognitive Neuropsychology. Besides this, she also has sufficient contextual knowledge in the fields of pedagogy, states of consciousness and the public domain. But this doesn’t mean that she has a preference on working only on this topics. One of the reasons that she likes to do this work is the variety of students and topics that bypass her and educate her also in their own original way.  

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