Willem Verhoeven

Trained as a historian and philosopher, Willem Verhoeven not only holds a degree in ancient history and a research master in modern history (cum laude), but also obtained a PhD in philosophy. During his time as a PhD researcher, Willem gave lectures and advised students writing their BA or MA thesis. At the moment, Willem is working on the publication of several scholarly articles derived from his PhD thesis.

In view of his background, Willem is especially well-versed in the approaches and research methodologies of the humanities. He is therefore well-positioned to advise students writing their thesis in history, art history, philosophy, politics, law, religious studies, or literature studies. Yet his background also allows him to assist students from other disciplines employing qualitative research methods, such as public administration and business administration.

Apart from practical advice on how to conduct research, Willem may also provide coaching to students who have motivational issues. He can thereby draw on his own experience. When he was working on his own PhD thesis, Willem himself lost nearly all motivation for the project. Yet while it required considerable perseverance, Willem ultimately managed to complete his thesis. He would gladly help students to achieve the same thing.

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