Thesis coach Denise Groeneveld

With enthusiasm, Denise guides hbo (higher professional education) and wo (academic education) students in the fields of business administration, economics, business studies, (strategic) marketing, finance, management and organization, financial economics and accountancy. Denise completed her bachelor’s degree (B.S.) in small business and retail management (SBRM) at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and her international master’s degree (MSc.) in Business Administration cum laude at TIAS business school (here she received a “Best Student Award”). As a result, she has experience in writing a (Dutch and English) thesis at higher professional education level as well as at academic level. In addition, Denise has worked as a financial advisor within the banking sector and as an advisor in risk management at several large international companies.

With great energy and enthusiasm, Denise guides students in completing their thesis. She can support you in several ways, depending on what you need. Denise can help you draw up your plan of approach, structure your thesis, help you with the theory, methods and check your thesis linguistically, both in Dutch and in English. In addition, Denise has professional knowledge of the disciplines mentioned above. She can help you with performing quantitative analyses in SPSS and she can help you to keep working on your thesis in a motivated way (or when you experience fear of failure)

You can contact Denise for thesis guidance on location in Den Bosch (and surroundings) and online.

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