Thesis coach Joya van Hout

Joya van Hout has studied European and international law at the University of Amsterdam, the University of Tilburg and the University of Maastricht. Furthermore she has taken specialist master courses in financial law, history and religion at the University of Amsterdam. Joya has worked as a lawyer in general practice with the firm of Pontius. Through Topscriptie, Joya has successfully coached many students in writing their theses (applied sciences, bachelor- and masters) in law (including employment law, health law, privacy law and other specialisations, SJD), legal science and related subjects and studies.

Joya loves coaching students and giving them practical help with the specific issues they face in writing a research proposal and thesis. This offers her the opportunity to combine her interests and work experience. Students enjoy Joya’s coaching, because she is able to provide the structure and framework that students often seek. Furthermore she also has legal knowledge that helps with the contents of the thesis. She is flexible and easy to contact over e-mail, Whatsapp or Skype. Next to feedback on the contents of thesis, Joya is an enthusiastic coach who motivates students and makes sure they stick to their planning and deadlines. She thinks motivation is one of the most important elements when writing a thesis. As long as you keep going, you can learn the rest, says Joya.

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